\ Daniel Barreto

Daniel Barreto, MFA

Professor of Graphic Design
Areas of Specialty

Digital media, interaction, and information systems


MFA in Graphic Design, University of Iowa, 2008
MA in Graphic Design, University of Iowa, 2007
B.A. in Social Communication, Universidade Católica do Salvador, 2000


Daniel Barreto has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in a wide range of areas at different universities of the United States and Mexico.  His interest in research and the practice of informing is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary character with the combination of different media such as the cinema/video, animation, interactive means, and printing. In his current practice, he focuses on balancing the creation of systems designed for clients with his self-initiated personal work.

The research he carries out examines the intersections of technological innovation, cultural foundations, and the social implications of design. The consequences of our actions, shaping how we see the world and interact with it, have long-reaching implications in our lives and each meaning plays a role in the information of how we see ourselves and others. In this scenario, his research raises questions on representation issues that can perpetrate different types of alienation while sailing through the complexities of the field since he brings together matters of form, content, and behavior.  

Daniel Barreto’s work has been published and presented all over the world, at places such as New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, New Orleans, Cannes, London, Paris, Sapporo, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. Some of his projects have been awarded prizes for their excellence by AIGA, Creativity International, Communicators Awards, and Hermes International. He has run Wild Inc, his own studio since 2009. It is dedicated to the practice and research of visual culture.