\ Shima Rezaei

Dr. Shima Rezaei Rashnoodi, PhD.

Professor of Interior Design

Area of specialty:

Participatory Architecture, Everyday Architecture, Home-making, home in displacement, Diaspora, Migratory spaces.


PhD. in Architecture, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

MA. in Architectural design, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

BS. in Architectural Engineering, QIAU, Iran.


Shima Rezaei Rashnoodi is an Architect and researcher. Her main area of research grounds on the study of home within an Architectural perspective examining how home as a space of everyday living could be studied within the juxtaposition of cultural and spatial modalities. Her research is particularly focused on the conceptions of the home in displacement and diaspora and examines notions such as identity, homemaking and the atmosphere of home within architectural and spatial properties.

She has worked in different academic and professional contexts in Middle East, Europe and Mexico and in various participatory design projects in Leeds, Wakefield and Sheffield in the United Kingdom. As a professor at the department of interior design at UDEM, she has thought in different design studios focusing on reflective thinking in design process. She has also developed participatory design learning programs that grounds on engaging the students with the community of immigrants in Monterrey to conclude design strategies that result in creating homely spaces for the users through research by design approaches.