\ María Guadalupe Paredes

María Guadalupe Paredes Figueroa

Professor of Engineering in Sustainable Innovation and Energy

Area of Expertise

Wastewater treatment, Greenhouse Gas Inventories, Life Cycle Assessment and Climate Change, Integrated solid waste management.


EngD  Environmental Engineering - Engineering Institute - UNAM. Mexico.

Sc. M. Environmental Biotechnology - Cinvestav – IPN. Mexico.

Sc. B. Environmental engineering – UPIBI - National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico.


Guadalupe Paredes is a full professor of the Sustainable Innovation and Energy Engineering degree at the University of Monterrey. She belongs to the National System of Researchers as a Candidate level. Professionally, she has focused on the development of sustainable projects, related to climate change, GHG emissions, Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability.  

During the last ten years, she has collaborated in projects to quantify and measure GHG emissions, emission factor estimation, GHG emission inventory, projections and mitigation scenarios, especially in the wastewater treatment sector. In addition, she has research experience in Life Cycle Assessment and Climate Change, wastewater treatment and solid waste management. During 2012 - 2016 she was part of the project “Short-lived climate pollutants in Mexico” coordinated by Dr. Luisa T. Molina of the MCE2.

Currently, she participates in the Mexican Center for Innovation in Ocean Energy in the strategic line of Life Cycle Assessment of ocean technologies of the Engineering Institute-UNAM. She is also the director of the Technical Division of Climate Change and Air Quality of the Mexican Association of Engineering, Science and Environmental Management, A.C. (AMICA).

Additionally, she has publications in scientific journals, book chapters of national and international publishers and more than 30 presentations at national and international conferences. She has taught courses in the environmental area at a professional level, including environmental impact assessment, industrial wastewater treatment, soil remediation, solid waste, mitigation strategies and environmental legislation.