\ Shunichiro Higashi

Shunichiro Higashi, ME

Professor of Interior Design
Areas of Specialty

Commercial Space Design, Housing Space Design, Digital Representation Program, Color Theory, and International Program.


Graduate student in Architecture, University of Chiba, Japan.
Master’s degree. School of Architecture, University of Kagoshima, Japan.
Undergraduate degree. School of Architecture, University of Kagoshima, Japan.


Since 2013, Shunichiro Higashi has taught the courses Housing Space Studio, Commercial Space Studio, Interiors Materials, Presentation Mediums.

After completing his studies in Architecture at universities in Japan and Spain, he worked with architectural design and interior design firms in Valencia and Tokyo. His areas of specialty were retail, work spaces, and ephemeral spaces.

He is interested in colors in Mexican Architecture and interiors. He carries out research on the subject of the relationship between spatial colors, the human sensation, and the community of neighbors. He has been a guest researcher at the University of Chiba, Japan since 2014. He is a member of the Architectural Institute of Japan.

He has been the coordinator for the PULI (Post Urban Living Innovation) since 2014, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Chiba. In order to develop the talent of young designers from both countries, he organizes different international programs in cities such as Tokyo, Mexico City, Chiba, Guanajuato, etc.