\ Master in Advanced Architectures

Master in Advanced Architectures

The Master’s degree program in Advanced Architectures is aimed at candidates interested in generating new advanced design alternatives for space and habitability issues, taking into account factors that have a direct impact on design and its processes, seeking to produce high-level experts prepared to find solutions to problems with avant-garde proposals.

Our commitment is to develop the best creative talent in Latin America. For this reason, we created the Roberto Garza Sada Center (CRGS), a space for ideas and expressions where the most brilliant, forward-looking, and creative students from the Art, Architecture, and Design division come together.

Aim of Program

To train professionals with a capacity to develop real projects by applying new design and manufacture technologies, experimenting with materials and new processes, with solid theoretical foundations, communication strategies, and project implementation strategies.

Student learning outcomes

Master the ability to communicate the architectural project at all its stages in order to use the most appropriate tools to generate speech structure. 

Develop the capacity to explore the potential of experimenting with the materials applied in order to research the materials’ physical and formal properties, thus allowing them to propose advanced designs. 

Develop the capacity to design with digital design theories, techniques, and technologies in order to apply digital, evolutive, and advanced design effectively and efficiently. 

Develop the capacity to design and apply advanced design theories, techniques, and technologies in order to generate advanced projects with a real application and evident benefit to quality of life and space. 

Be capable of developing the maximum potential of new design and production technologies in order to have a solid technological foundation to start advanced studies in Architecture. 

Develop the capacity to analyze and critique an architectural project from a current point of view, in order to support the foundations and structure of the research carried out for the applied projects. 

Develop the capacity to analyze and apply business theories and strategies to design in order to implement viability strategies for advanced real projects.

Admission profile

A vocation for design 
A capacity for synthesis and communication 
Interested in new technologies 
Sensitive to the formal aspects and structures of the environment 
A positive attitude toward change 
A commitment to society

Graduate Profile

Graduates from the Master’s degree program in Advanced Architecture will be able to design, communicate, develop, and implement real projects with advanced design and production theories, techniques, and technologies. 


This graduate program holds classes 2 or 3 days a week, on weekdays, from 18:30 to 21:30 + free practice in the workshops.

Admission requirements

Hold an undergraduate degree. 

Attend an interview with the dean of graduate programs at the Art, Architecture, and Design Division, DAAD. You should bring your résumé, letter of intent, and work portfolio. 

Submit the Application for Admission to the Graduate School with the requested documents. [Download PDF application]

Take the Graduate Level Admission Competency Evaluation (ECIP).

Director of Academic Program

Abril Denise Balbuena López
[email protected]
CRGS, office 310.5
+52 (81) 8215-1000 ext.1715