\ Master in Product Design and Packaging (Online)

Master in Product Design and Packaging (Online)

The Master’s degree program in Product Design and Packaging is aimed at candidates interested in generating new alternatives for the design of products and packaging, taking into consideration the factors that have a direct impact on design and its processes, seeking to produce high-level experts who are prepared to solve problems with leading-edge proposals.

Our commitment is to develop the best creative talent in Latin America. Therefore, we created the Roberto Garza Sada Center (CRGS), a space for ideas and expressions where the most brilliant, forward-looking, and creative students from the Art, Architecture, and Design Division come together.

Aim of Program

Graduates will be able to manage the design of new products and packaging by putting into practice their skills and knowledge in the areas of image, materials, distribution, and sustainability.

Student learning outcomes

To become acquainted with the types of materials and their features, as well as with the processes used in the production of containers and packaging in order to choose the most appropriate material for each product.

To acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to detect, analyze, and strengthen the factors affecting user motivation, for the development of products.

To get acquainted with and analyze distribution systems to assess the risks and environmental conditions that products and containers will endure during commercialization.

To get acquainted with and explore the properties and features of flexible materials in order to apply them to the development of new products and containers.

To have the capacity to assess product materials, processes, and lifespan in order to determine their carbon footprint and learn about the impact that a product or container can have on the environment.

Admission profile

Hold an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design, Art, Marketing, Graphic Design, Industrial Engineering, or areas related to product design.

Graduate Profile

Graduates from the Master’s Degree Program in Product Design and Packaging will be able to design, develop, and assess the impact and efficiency of products and packaging, directly applied to current production processes.


This graduate program holds classes 2 or 3 days a week, on weekdays, from 18:30 a 21:30 hrs (On line).

Admission requirements

Hold an undergraduate degree.

Attend an interview with the dean of Graduate Programs at the Art, Architecture, and Design Division, DAAD (bring your résumé, letter of intent, and work portfolio).

Create your profile through the platform SER UDEM.

Submit the Application for Admission to the Graduate School with the requested documents. [Download PDF application]

Take the Graduate Level Admission Competency Evaluation (ECIP).

Director of Academic Program

Irma Peñúñuri García
CRGS, Office 310.10
+52 (81) 8215-1000 ext.1203