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Alondra Elizalde Luna

Industrial Design Student

My name is Alondra Elizalde and I am a fifth-semester LDI student. I am an adaptable person who likes doing a little bit of everything, so the reason I chose this program is because of its broad field. My vision of design focuses mostly on minimalism and functionality. Although I consider myself to be good at many things, I accept that my main strength is on the technical side of the program. However, I can also highlight my creative and manual skills.

In the five semesters that I have already completed of my degree program, I have become increasingly enamored of and passionate about it. The skills that I have developed in terms of material management, research techniques, and design methodologies motivate me to become a designer that succeeds in contributing something to contemporary society.

Three of the most relevant projects that I have developed are ZOOT, LUDUS and MISMA.

ZOOT is a set of multifunctional coffee tables inspired by Art Deco and Pachucos. This project is particularly relevant to me because I can say it is the product with the highest quality in terms of finishes of everything I have developed so far, which proves the progress that I have achieved throughout the semesters.

Photo by: UDEM archive

LUDUS is a multifunctional piece of furniture for children which was developed as part of a project carried out jointly with the Secretariat of Social Development of the state of Nuevo León. In it, we got involved in low-income communities through Human Centered Design to contribute solutions to problems in the Community Centers of those localities. This has been the most challenging project in which I have participated.

Photo by: UDEM archive

MISMA is a set of bracelets for personal use whose designed was inspired by a song. At the same time, I based the design on the duality of my personality, thus turning these accessories into a reflection of my being, to put it in a romantic way.

Photo by: UDEM archive

To date, I have not had an international experience as part of my university studies. However, I will soon apply to an exchange program in either Lithuania or Norway since design in the Nordic and Baltic countries has been a source of inspiration for my work.

Mention should be made of the fact that an informative panel on LUDUS was presented at the DI-Integra, Convergencia D 3rd International Congress on Industrial Design as part of an exhibition of informative panels on various outstanding projects in this discipline in the state. Likewise, some of my other projects and sketches have been published in the magazine of UDEM’s LDI program. Soon, ZOOT will be featured in the magazine published by El Horizonte, Casas & Interiores.