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Regina Kaun and Sofía Martínez

Graphic Design students

Photo by: UDEM archive


UDESIGN is one of the most important events in the Art, Architecture, and Design Division. The identity of each edition changes on a yearly basis. In this case, the selected theme was metamorphosis. Regina and Sofía developed this visual identity project as part of the course 2D Information Systems Design Studio. As reference, they took the transformation that designing implies, since things are in a basic state and they evolve toward a better version of themselves. In order to represent this concept, they used the metamorphosis that some insects go through as inspiration. Through illustrations and textures which interact with photography, they created esthetics that alludes to the dynamism and movement accompanying the change process. By the same token, typography plays a major role since it seeks to create the same sensations as the rest of the images.

Photo by: UDEM archive