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We encourage you to request financial aid so that your education at the Roberto Garza Sada can become a reality.

Creative Talent Scholarship


The Universidad de Monterrey seeks to be an agent of positive change in our country through education with academic excellence assisted with financial support for high-performance students received from private benefactors.

Who is the scholarship intended for?

For national and international candidates wishing to enter the first semester of any of the undergraduate degree programs of the Art, Architecture, and Design Division (DAAD) and who can commit to devoting themselves full time to developing and/or enhancing their creative talent in the aforementioned areas.


  • Obtaining a minimum score of 1200 points in the institutional admission examination, College Board or PAA. In case of not meeting the score, submit a Design Portfolio to the Program Director, while the required average score is met. 
  • Being accepted to enter any of the UDEM’s DAAD undergraduate degree programs. To receive information on this process, it is necessary to contact the Office for new Students, located on the first floor of the Main Administrative Building, call +52 (81) 8215 1010, or write to [email protected].
  • Once the candidate has fulfilled all of the above points, he/she must submit the following by 12:00 p.m. of March 22, 2019:
    • A letter of intent addressed to the “Selection Committee of the 2018 Creative Talent Scholarship” in which he/she expresses his/her interest, vocation, and reason to want to obtain the scholarship. This should have a maximum length of two letter-size sheets of paper (separate and in a folder).
    • A free-format résumé and portfolio of academic and/or professional works that demonstrate his/her potential in the discipline. Both must be developed in a maximum length of 10 letter-size sheets (preferably using both sides of the sheets). In addition, a cover sheet should be included with full personal details: name, date of birth, address, e-mail, and contact phone number. Each work presented must include its technical fact sheet (specifying measures, dates, technique used, if it was carried out with advisory or by own initiative, and other data that the author may consider pertinent). The portfolios will not be returned, and they may be used, with prior permission from the author, to promote the scholarship in subsequent years.
    • Two letters of academic recommendation in a sealed envelope. The letters must explain the connection between the person giving the reference, and the person recommended, how long the recommender has known the recommended and what academic the recommender belongs to.
    • The documents described in points a, b, and c, must be addressed to:
      Lic. Priscila Aidé Garza Moreno
      Universidad de Monterrey
      Centro Roberto Garza Sada, 3 piso Ote.
      Av. Ignacio Morones Prieto 4500 Pte.
      San Pedro Garza García, N.L., México
      C. P. 66238
  • Preselected candidates must take the Creative Talent examination and attend an interview with the Selection Committee at the scheduled date and time.

Selection process and decision

The Selection Committee will assess the files received and they will announce the preselection result on April 26, 2019 through an official announcement to the e-mail addressed provided by the participant.

Subsequently, the committee will carry out the pertinent exams and interviews with the preselected candidates (through May 3, 2019).

On May 8, 2019  the decision will be announced and disseminated through the mediums assigned by UDEM for this purpose. At the same time, the scholarship-winning candidate will be contacted individually contacted.

Any omission to this document will be solved by the Selection Committed.

The Selection Committee will be made up by important personalities who will remain anonymous.

The selection decision will be final and unappealable.

Important dates:

  • DECEMBER/1/2018
    • Launch of call for applications.
  • MARCH/22/2019
    • Last date and time reception of call for applications documentation closes
  • APRIL/22-26/2019
    • Preselection notification
  • MAY/3/2019
    • Interviews and exams of preselected candidates
  • MAY/8/2019
    • Decision

Students awarded the Creative Talent Scholarship:

José de San Cristóbal Higareda
Undergraduate degree program in Art

Thalía Juárez Nájera
Undergraduate degree program in Industrial Design

Miguel Ángel García Compeán
Undergraduate degree program in Graphic Design

Mónica Alejandra Verduzco Casillas
Undergraduate degree program in Industrial Design

Mariana Melissa Aldrete Solorio
Undergraduate Degree program in Art

Eduardo Emmanuel Valdez Morales
Undergraduate degree program in Architecture

Student winner of the 2017 Creative Talent Scholarship:
Eduardo Emmanuel Valdéz Morales

Scholarship coverage and conditions:

  • Registration fees and tuition fees throughout their degree program.
  • Property insurance.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Personalized place in the High-Performance area of the CRGS.
  • If student does not have a high command of the Spanish language, he/she will receive support with Spanish language courses taught through Executive and Continuing Education.

Requirements to renew scholarship:

  • Keep a general average grade of 90 or higher.
  • Pass all his/her courses.
  • Attend 100% of academic activities organized by DAAD.
  • Meet the number of credits corresponding to progress into curriculum, carrying a full academic load, in accordance with his/her program.
  • Maintain excellent standing and conduct, complying with institutional and CRGS-specific regulations.
  • Present at least one of his/her projects on a per-semester basis, at a cultural space approved by his/her program director.
  • Update his/her portfolio on a yearly basis.
  • If applicable, pass Spanish course satisfactorily.

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