\ Arne Riekstins

Dr. Arne Riekstins, PhD

Professor of Architecture
Areas of Specialty

Digital Systems in Contemporary Architecture, Parametric and Generative Architecture, Tridimensional Moderation, 3-D modeling, prototyping, and contemporary methodologies for architectural concepts, ecology, and sustainability.


Ph.D. in Architecture, Riga Technical University, Latvia.
Master of Bio-Digital Architecture, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain.
Master of Science in Architecture, Riga Technical University, Latvia.


Dr. Arne Riekstins teaches courses in Architectural Design, Morphology and Generative Geometry, Interior Design, and Materials for Interior Design.

His research centers on the CAD / CAM paradigm with which contemporary architects are creating their own unique digital tools for architectural design, researching the new hybrid directions in Architecture, and designing technically advanced objects. Dr. Arne Riekstins emphasizes the fact that digital systems are creative when working in tholoi and he is implementing this principle in his academic practice.

He has presented his research findings in about 20 international conferences and symposia. He published a monograph “Aberrant Architecture” and around 15 scientific articles: Design of Non-Standard Parametric Surfaces and a Parametric Approach to the Design of Large Scale Architectural Objects, Computer Design, Digital Systems in Contemporary Architecture, Fluent Urbanism, Fluent Urbanism Canvass, and Liquid Architecture, Improving 3D, Aspects of Parametric Design for Urban Architecture in the Age of Multidisciplinarity, Parametric Approach to the Design of Large Scale Urban Objects, and The Unlimited Possibilities of Genetic Architecture.

Before joining the Roberto Garza Sada Center, Dr. Arne worked at the Technical University of Riga for 9 years. He acted as a tutor for 13 undergraduate theses and one Professional Grade project. He has been a guest speaker in Oulu, Finland and Trondheim, Norway. He has received the European Union Structural Funds scholarship for doctoral studies, including the Archiprix Diploma for world’s best project for his Sustainable High-rise Building project in Kipsala, Riga, exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai, and Rotterdam. He also received a Gunta Boles Award for excellence in the course of his studies in Architecture and Project development at a highly professional level.

He has also worked as an architect since 2001, at Laimonis Smits Planning Bureau, the Office of Architect Andrejs Putnins, and the Arho Design Bureau, in cooperation with Rudiger Schulze, an engineer, in Riga and Berlin.