UDEM Creative Talent Scholarship



The Universidad de Monterrey wants to be a participant and a factor of positive change in our country, through an education of academic excellence assisted with financial support received from private benefactors for high performance students.


To whom is it directed?

To national and international candidates who wish to enter the first semester of any of the courses of the School of Art and Design and the School of Architecture and Habitat Sciences:
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Animation and Digital Effects
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Graphic Design
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Industrial Design
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Interior Design
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Fashion Design
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Sustainable Innovation and Energy Engineering

What do you need to apply for a scholarship at CRGS?


  1. Have taken the College Board or PAA institutional admission test corresponding to each program (for foreign candidates we accept proof of results from other institutions for both the PAA and the SAT).
  2. Have been accepted for admission to UDEM in any of the courses of the School of Art and Design or the School of Architecture and Habitat Sciences.
For more information about this process, please contact the Office of Attention to First Time Students, located in ESTOA, Level A, or by calling +52 (81) 8215 1010, or by writing to [email protected].
  3. Upon completion of the above items, the candidate must submit the following via e-mail to [email protected] by 12:00 noon on April 29, 2022:

Required documents

a) Portfolio of academic and/or professional work demonstrating your potential for the desired discipline.

  • Maximum 20 sheets in PDF format
  • Each work shown must have a technical data sheet (specifying measurements, dates, technique used, whether it was done under consultancy or on the author's own initiative, and data considered pertinent by the author).
  • All the works shown in the portfolio must be of the authorship of each candidate, in case of plagiarism we will proceed to disqualification.
  • The portfolio must be anonymous, so the candidate's name must be omitted in any part of the portfolio (in another document we will have all the necessary information). During the selectivity process, the Organizing Committee will be in charge of sending to the Selectivity Committee all the documents without any personal information that identifies the candidate so that the selection is totally anonymous.
  • The portfolios may be used, with the author's permission, to promote the scholarship in future editions.


b) Resume in free format (maximum 2 sheets in PDF format).

c) Letter of intent addressed to the "Comité de Selectividad de la Beca al Talento Creativo 2022" where you state your interest, vocation and the reason why you wish to obtain the scholarship (maximum 2 pages in PDF format).

d) Two letters of academic recommendation. The letters should include the relationship of the recommender with the recommended person, how long he/she has known him/her and to which academic institution he/she belongs. The letter can be scanned or in electronic format, both in PDF.

e) Document with complete personal data: name, date of birth, address, e-mail address and contact telephone number.

f) Consent form for the use of Personal Data

Download format

g) Image Use Consent Form

Download format

These 7 documents must be delivered in the same folder or mail, and can be sent by WeTransfer, Google Drive or attached in an email to [email protected]

Selection process and decision

The Selectivity Committee will weigh the documents received and will notify the result of the pre-selection on May 9, 2022 by means of an official communication to the e-mail address provided by the participant.

Subsequently, the Vocational Orientation exams, Psychometric Tests and interviews will be conducted with those shortlisted (until May 27, 2022).

On June 1, 2022, the award will be presented and disseminated in the media designated by UDEM, and the award winner will be contacted personally.

Any omissions hereunder shall be resolved by the Selectivity Committee.

The Selectivity Committee will be composed of important personalities and will remain anonymous.

The selection decision will be final.


Important dates


Launch of call for proposals January 17, 2022
Last day to submit documents
for the call
April 29, 2022
Pre-selection notification May 9, 2022
Interviews and examinations to
May 10 to 27, 2022
Resolution June 1, 2022


Coverage and conditions of the scholarship


  • Enrollment and tuition throughout your career.
  • Property insurance.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Customized place in the High Performance area at CRGS.
  • In case of not mastering the Spanish language, the first year will be supported with learning courses provided by Executive and Continuing Education.

Scholarship renewal requirements


  • Maintain an overall average equal to or above 90.
  • Pass all your subjects.
  • Demonstrate 100% attendance to the academic activities organized by VIES.
  • Fulfill the credits corresponding to the progress of their study plan, carrying a full academic load according to their program.
  • Maintain excellent conduct and behavior in compliance with institutional and specific CRGS regulations.
  • Exhibit at least one of their projects every six months in a cultural space approved by their career director.
  • Update your portfolio on an annual basis.
  • If applicable, satisfactorily pass the Spanish course.

Creative Talent Scholarship awardees


José De Sancristóbal Higareda
Licenciado en Artes

Thalía Juárez Nájera
Licenciado en Diseño Industrial

Miguel Ángel García Compeán
Licenciado en Diseño Gráfico
Mónica Alejandra Verduzco Casillas
Licenciado en Diseño industrial
Mariana Melissa Aldrete Solorio
Licenciado en Artes
Eduardo Emmanuel Valdez Morales

Francisco Javier Flores Amador
Licenciado en Diseño Textil y de Modas

Lourdes María Iglesias Erazo
Licenciado en Artes

Rodrigo Casas Muñoz
Ingeniero en Innovación Sustentable y Energía
María Eugenia González Vargas
Licenciado en Artes
Isabela Rosas Valenzuela
Licenciatura en Diseño Industrial
Deyani Valeria Morales Savall
Licenciatura en Animación y Efectos Digitales