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Industrial Design

A pioneering program in Mexico, the Undergraduate Degree Program in Industrial Design has been in place for over 45 years.

Throughout its long tenure, this program has adapted to technological advances and global needs, converging into a design with a comprehensive vision capable of creating solutions and identifying opportunities to create new products, systems, and services. This is attained through research skills, interdisciplinary work, critical thinking, and a creative process that takes the stakeholders into consideration.

Our curriculum shortens the students’ learning curve by virtue of its educational model. It has professional concentration areas that give our students a pre-graduation employability rate of 70%. The remaining percentage of students find employment within the three months following their graduation.

UDEM’s community of students and alumni have won important national and international prizes in categories such as product design, packaging design, transport design, jewelry, food design, furniture, and lighting.

The most brilliant, most forward-looking, and most creative Industrial Design students have the opportunity of becoming part of the Roberto Garza Sada Center (CRGS), a space for ideas and expressions that brings together the best creative talent in Latin America.

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Aim of the Degree Program

To educate and train professionals who are capable of designing products and services based on the knowledge of the manufacturing needs, materials and processes, as well as through a creative process capable of generating innovative, functional, ergonomic solutions to be mass-produced for the purpose of creating competitiveness, efficiency, and quality of life for the users.

Furthermore, we encourage students to use the most advanced technology and get acquainted with the advantages of interdisciplinary work and strategic design, embedded in a context of productivity and efficiency with a humanely intelligent vision of design that takes into consideration the social and environmental reality of their community.

To encourage students to use the most advanced technology and get acquainted with the advantages of interdisciplinary work and strategic design while embedded in a context of productivity and efficiency, with a humanely intelligent vision of design that takes into consideration the social and environmental reality of their community.

Admission Profile

Candidates to pursue this program should have a disposition to design and build objects, perception, sensitivity, and an interest in improving the environment and surroundings; a capacity for observation and analysis; social, cultural, and historical sensitivity; an inclination for research and the development of ideas; a proactive, assertive attitude of social and environmental responsibility; and an interest in the use of technology.

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Graduate Profile

An UDEM Industrial Designer will be able to:

  • Communicate their ideas and concepts through 2D and 3D representation using traditional and digital media.
  • Make critical judgments on conceptual designed, based on the fundamentals of design, as well as on norms and standards.
  • Use technology for the modeling, prototyping, and development of models, as well as for the transformation of materials.
  • Understand, select, and integrate adequate components for the best mechanical operation of innovative design proposals. Additionally, select and integrate appropriate transformation process technologies and materials to develop innovative products.
  • Develop new proposals for mass-produced products when researching and analyzing trends and markets, employing design methodologies with a sustainable approach.
  • Collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner in order to create comprehensive solutions for the development of innovative projects and research that can be positioned in the market.

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Field of Work

Graduates from the bachelor’s degree program in Industrial Design (LDI) will be able to work mostly in new product planning and development departments, as well as in the areas of design and innovation, production, company projects, industrial sectors, and research centers.

Thanks to their enterprising profile, they can set up their own business successfully, offer consultancy and projects to companies, and develop their own products.

Professional Success

An UDEM Industrial Designer can work as a(n):

  • Designer of commercial products
  • Creative director
  • Innovation department director
  • Designer of household appliances and devices
  • Toy designer
  • Designer of packaging and containers
  • Designer of specialized footwear and accessories
  • Designer of means of transport
  • Jewelry designer
  • Designer of orthopedic and sports equipment
  • Furniture designer
  • Tool designer
  • Designer of sales stands and points of sales
  • Set designer
  • Strategic designer and project manager
  • Enterpriser
  • Researcher and developer

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Find out more about the Design and Innovation projects in DINNjournal (Digital Journal), the Journal of the IISE (Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Innovation and Energy Engineering) and LDI (Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design) programs.



Academic Program Director

Irma Peñúñuri García
[email protected]
CRGS, office 310.10
+52 (81) 8215-1000 ext.1453

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design with Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) granted by the Secretariat of Public Education, dated March 1, 2021, in accordance with Agreement 20210413. Effective as from October 2020.