\ Agustín Plancarte

Agustín Plancarte Fexas, MFA

Professor of Industrial Design
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MFA in Design, California College of the Arts (CCA San Francisco).
Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design, Center for Research on Industrial Design, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Ciudad de México) – With honors.


Agustín Plancarte Fexas, MFA in Design, teaches the courses “Processes and Manufacture of Ceramic Materials” and “Creativity Studio” at the Roberto Garza Sada Center of the Universidad de Monterrey.

Born in Mexico City, he is an Industrial Designer with a Master’s degree in Design, from which he has also developed a great interest in and skills at Graphic Design. He finds the existing dialog between 2D and 3D fascinating and his professional goal is to impart his knowledge in these two disciplines to create accessible, fun, well thought-out products and experiences than improve human interactions in both subtle and evident ways.

He has been part of various interdisciplinary collaborative projects like the one carried out for General Motors at Stanford University (which served as a basis for his undergraduate thesis topic) and Kuá Kama, a collaborative project between the design team and a chef to design gastronomic supports representative of the new Mexican gastronomy, still deeply rooted in tradition.

He likes being part of a scene which is rich in design and art and he enjoys taking part in the process, from the conceptualization to the final production stage of each design, searching for inspiration in his location, environment, and culture. He feels comfortable both in high-technology spaces (e.g. fast prototyping studios with the rhythmic sounds of laser cutters and 3D printers) and in small ceramic studios, where a sense of community is welcome and even expected.

His ceramic pieces have been displayed at the 4th and 5th Biennale of Utilitarian Ceramic at the Franz Mayer Museum (Mexico City), as well as at the Tamayo Museum, during the 2017 Design Week Mexico.