\ Daniela Frogheri

Daniela Frogheri, PhD

Professor of Architecture and Professor in the Master in Advanced Architecture Program; Researcher with the Fab Lab Monterrey
Areas of Specialty

Theories and Applications on Form Generation Processes, Parametric-Associative and Generative Digital Design, Study and Development of Geometric Algorithms Applied to Architecture; Digital Fabrication, Sensitive Architectures, Digital Morphogenesis Processes and Genetic Architectures, Form Finding, and Emerging Systems.


Doctorate, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Barcelona, Spain.
Master in Advanced Architectures, Institute for Advanced Architectures of Catalonia (IaaC), Barcelona, Spain.
Master in Genetic Architectures, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Barcelona, Spain.
Undergraduate degree: Ingeniería Edile-Architettura, Università degli studi di Cagliari, Italy.
Courses: Fab Academy 2015, CBA, MIT, Boston (USA).


Full time professor of Architecture since 2013, Daniela Frogheri teaches the courses Morphology and Generative Geometries, as well as in the Design, Elements of Architecture, and PEF1 studios. Additionally, she is an advisor for the final Architecture (PEF2) theses. She is the co-founder (2014) and co-director of FabLab Monterrey, where she does research. She has taught courses from the Master in Advanced Architectures (MAA) program since 2017.

Her research and work focus mostly on the relationship between the form generation processes and their materializations, applied to Architecture through the development of systems based on geometric algorithms, digital morphogenesis, and artificial intelligence applied to design, growth processes and digital morphogenesis. Her studies also cover the connection between abstract languages (logics, mathematics, and programming) and the human, social, and sensitive elements in relation to space and perception.

Prominent among the works done at the CRGS of the Universidad de Monterrey is the Line of Research “Bichos”, carried out in collaboration with the FabLab Monterrey and linked to the Elements of Architecture Studio. With it, life-sized parametric pavilions have been put up every semester since 2013. It has been presented on various occasions in prestigious international forums. Her work as thesis directors has been awarded UDEM’s Award to Research Linked to Teaching in 2015 and 2016.

In addition to teaching and research, she has participated in several social workshops, including the workshop-project “Adoquín Emergente” (Emerging Paving Stone) (2017), of FabLab Monterrey at the Prepa Politécnica Santa Catarina in Monterrey and the workshop-project of TSL 2014-Peru, “Wawa Pukllay”. The latter won the first price at the 2014 Latin American Biennale of Landscape Architecture in the category Built Work. Among other initiatives, she is the creator and co-founder of Nodolab, FabLab Monterrey and MáquinasLibres.

Throughout her career, she has collaborated in various international projects at different scales and in various areas that cover Architecture, urbanism, set design and commercial design, object design, street furniture, interiors, and graphic design, to name a few, in collaboration with Marcos Lutyens, Mind Browser & Believe Media in Los Angeles (USA), Guallart Architects in Barcelona, Gijón Arquitectura in Motril, Barcelona Regional, the Barcelona City Council (Spain), Tecno Progetti (Italy) and several universities and institutes such as IAAC, UNAM, ITD, UAQ, Università Degli Studi di Cagliari, and Università di Bagheria.