\ Patricio Ortiz

Patricio Ortiz Silva, M. Des.

Professor of Industrial Design
Areas of Specialty

Product design, Morphology, Computer-Aided Design, and Digital fabrication.


Master of Design, University of Cincinnati, USA.
FabAcademy Diploma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
Undergraduate degree in Industrial Design, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.


Mtro. Patricio Ortiz Silva teaches Industrial Design at the intermediate and advanced levels. He also teaches general topics such as social interest projects, human-centered design, and morphological exploration, using digital technologies.

As part of the skills development courses, he teaches Surface Modeling, with an introduction to parametric modeling and supplementing it with instruction in the use of digital fabrication technologies.

Concurrently, he acts as a product design consultant with the ABRE Center / UDEM, where he has worked on the design of containers and reusable collapsible containers, among other projects.

His research topics deal with the design of collapsible structures using living hinges made of various materials and applying fabrication / 3D printing additive technologies integrated with traditional fabrication techniques.

He is a member of Fab Lab Monterrey and a 2015 FabAcademy graduate.

Before joining UDEM, Mtro. Ortiz worked as a designer at Fitch Inc, in Columbus, Ohio, USA, at SIDDHI S.A. in Mar del Plata, and as an adjunct professor of Computer-Aided Design at the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina.

He received a Fulbright LASPAU scholarship to pursue Graduate level studies in the USA. His work earned an Honorable Mention in the professional category in Illumination Design at the 2014 Core77 Design Awards.