\ Master of Graphic Design

Master of Graphic Design

The Master’s degree program in Graphic Design is aimed at those candidates interested in managing the creative department of a business effectively by applying avant-garde design and management techniques, concepts, and theories.

Our commitment is to develop the best creative talent in Latin America. Therefore, we created the Roberto Garza Sada Center (CRGS), a space for ideas and expressions where the most brilliant, forward-looking, and creative students from the Art, Architecture, and Design division come together.

Aim of the Program

To train experts in the use of design solutions, capable of effectively managing their own businesses or the departments that they coordinate through the application of cutting-edge graphic design and executive management techniques, concepts, and theories.

Student learning outcomes

Master the use of design concepts in multimedia, interactive design and/or editorial design in the application of design problems.

Develop the capacity and knowledge necessary to interpret and apply information coming from other areas such as marketing, advertising, resource management, product development, and art management.

Develop research skills in new techniques and theories of contemporary design to create projects bearing innovative trends.

Delve into the knowledge of new techniques, concepts, and theories that will help participants to manage current and future work more effectively.

Create empathy skills to identify a client’s needs.

Admission profile

Innovative and visionary
Capacity to synthesize and communicate information
Good judgement and common sense
Interested in the use of computer tools
Sensitive to the formal and structural aspects of the environment
Interest in shaping the communicative processes
Positive attitude toward change
A socially committed person

Graduate Profile

Graduates from the Master’s Degree Program in Graphic Design will be able to design, communicate, develop, and implement effective visual communication projects in digital and print media. 


This graduate program holds classes twice on weekdays, from 18:30 to 21:30. A workshop is held on two Saturdays. 

Admission requirements

Hold an undergraduate degree.

Attend an interview with the dean of graduate programs at the Art, Architecture, and Design Division, DAAD. You should bring your résumé, letter of intent, and work portfolio.

Submit the Application for Admission to the Graduate School with the requested documents. [Download PDF application]

Take the Graduate Level Admission Competency Evaluation (ECIP).

Director of Academic Program

José Luis Preciado Chagoya
[email protected]
CRGS, Office 310.2
+52 (81) 8215-1000 ext. 1203