Amelia Martínez Quiroga

Professor of Interior Design

Areas of Speciality

History and design of theatre architecture, scenic spaces and scenography.



PhD on Theory and History of Architecture (ETSAB, España. Cum Laude 2015).

M.A. Architecture: History, Art, Architecture and the City (ETSAB, España. 1998).

B.A. in Architecture (UANL, México. 1995).

B.A. in Graphic Design (CEDIM, México. 1990).



Amelia Martínez is a research professor at the School of Architecture and Sciences for the Habitat; and an actual member of the National Researchers System, in Mexico.  She’s also a member of the university’s Council of Honor and Advisor of its Integrity Center, in order to strengthen the culture of academic honesty.


She has dedicated the last ten years of her professional career to the investigation of the history and design of theatre architecture.  Houghton Library, the manuscripts archive at Harvard University, distinguished her with the ‘Beatrice, Benjamin, and Richard Bader Fellowship in the Visual Arts of the Theatre’.  She has been speaker at national and international conferences such as CONARTE, in Nuevo León; the National School of Theatre Art, in Mexico City; both in Mexico.  At Séminaire N27, in Paris, France; the Mid-América Theatre Conference, in Milwaukee, EE. UU; the International Federation for Theatre Research Congress, in Santiago, Chile, etc.  Today, she develops, among others, a project called ‘Great Atlas of Theatre: Mexico’, in which she analyzes a series of scenic spaces in Mexico City and their strategic role at various scales: the city, the architectural object, the interior design and the stage. She is member of the international research group ‘Theaters of Latin America’.


During the twenty years she lived in Paris, France, besides her activity as researcher, she worked, among others, at Studio Milou Architecture collaborating in the development of projects such as the ‘National museum of the automobile’, in Mulhouse, and the ‘Brèche Square’ in Niort.  She also co-founded proArchitecture, ‘Planning and Research Office for Architecture’.

Áreas de especialidad

History and design of theatre architecture
Scenic spaces


PhD on Theory and History of Architecture
ETSAB, España
M.A. Architecture: History, Art, Architecture and the City
ETSAB, España
B.A. in Architecture
UANL, México
B.A. in Graphic Design
CEDIM, México