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Call for papers: INDUSTRY OF THE FUTURE.


Within the last several decades, the Digital revolution has been redefining all aspects of people’s lives and their surrounding environment, changing the way people perceive the world, how they act in it and with it. Having said this, by “Industry of the future” we understand and explore all its most current aspects.


Thanks to the communication between elements, due to the power of digitization, along with the speed of calculation and the possibility of handling large amounts of data, such changes are developing in an exponential way, with never before seen speed and power, that covers all the fields of knowledge and action.


From the simplest part of daily life to the most complex relationships and interactions that shape and evolve living beings and inanimate objects, the environment, societies, culture, education, professions , production, businesses, markets, cities, phenomena, and matter, data and information in general, today we live in a state of connections, advancements and improvements due to the development of technology that feeds these factors and that in turn arises  from them.


Design, in all its facets and scales, is completely involved in these processes, being the protagonist of these changes, from the way of perceiving and interpreting what already exists to the ideation of innovative projects and solutions, both in creative processes and in stages of materialization.


"UDESIGN Industry of the Future" invites us to reflect on these changes, transformations and developments with ideas, projects, research and innovative plans for the future, opening its doors to researchers, students and professionals from around the world who want to join the debate under the following points of view:


  • Art and Design
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Biomimicry and biodigital systems
  • Design concepts and strategies
  • Design education and teaching
  • Digital design for sustainable buildings
  • Digital fabrication and robotics
  • Material studies and innovation
  • Parametric and algorithmic design
  • Smart Cities
  • Social impact
  • Virtual and augmented reality



1. Urban scale and built landscape.

2. New technologies and digital fabrication.

3. Sustainable innovation, environment and energy.

4. Visual composition.

5. Media studies.


Conference Details:

Date: September 24th-26th, 2019


Location: Centro Roberto Garza Sada, Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, N.L. México.


Link to conference website: http://udesign-udem.mx/

Theme of conference: Industry of the future.


Submission Guidelines:

Languages: Spanish or English

Word limit: 1500 - 2000 words.

Submit via e-mail to: [email protected]


Important dates:

April, 30  - Call for Papers.

Juky, 22 -   Submission deadline for full Papers.

August, 05 - Feedback & notification of acceptance.

August, 15 -  Revised submissions due


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