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The corner stone of our community is a dedicated group of students. In the CRGS, academic and social life centers on experiences shared with other students and mentors that result in lifelong professional networks.

Our academic advising forms a dynamic relationship between the advisor and the student in order to support the student’s educational and professional success. Meet some of our students and get acquainted with their stories.


Photo by: Paulina García

Paulina García

Art Student

This project is the result of research currently underway that aims to explore the social phenomena that occur inside public transport buses in Monterrey. Firstly, Paulina sees the passengers’ marks as forms of transcendence. In some cases, these signs take the form of scribbles and scratches on the windows or signatures on the seats. Subsequently, the artist identifies the control mechanisms in the signage and the ironic way to respond by altering the inside of the buses. Hence emerges the idea of potentializing the absurdity of the control and prohibition, by using the phrase: “No socializing, please.”

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Photo by: Michelle Montoya

David Sada

Sustainable Innovation and Energy Engineering student

My name is David Sada and I am a fifth-semester IISE student. The main reason I decided to enter this degree program was the multidisciplinary approach that is required. Sustainability is an effort that calls for a multiplicity of players to use their best skills in order to achieve a common good. I believe that we, Sustainable Innovation and Energy students, have a responsibility to become the agents of change that prompt people to build a more sustainable society.

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Photo by: UDEM archive


Interior Design students

Emerging housing for the victims of hydro-meteorological natural disasters in the south and south-east of Mexico.

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Photo by: UDEM archive

Daniela Casso and Cristina Cantú

Graphic Design students

They graduated from the Graphic Design program in the Fall of 2016. They collaborated with Omius, a company that focuses on the application of technology to garments, for the development their brand identity. This project was their Final Evaluation to obtain their degree. They earned a distinction for presenting an excellent dissertation.

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Photo by: Andrea Cázares

Andrea Cázares

Art student

Anthropology of the mark. Part of a research project aiming to recover a series of experiences that arise from the city of Monterrey. Aerosol paint on acetate and photograph by Andrea Cázares. Photo by Rebecca Reyes.

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Photo by: archivo UDEM

Alondra Elizalde Luna

Industrial Design Student

Mi nombre es Alondra Elizalde, estudiante de LDI de 5.º semestre. Soy una persona adaptable y que le gusta hacer de todo, de ahí que haya elegido esta carrera con un campo tan amplio. Mi visión sobre el diseño se enfoca más a lo minimalista y funcional. Aunque me considero buena para muchas cosas, reconozco que mi fuerte es el lado técnico de la carrera, pero también puedo resaltar mis habilidades creativas y manuales.

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Photo by: UDEM archive

Mariela Osorio

Textile Design and Fashion Student

Mariela Alexandra Osorio Ronquillo, an eight-semester student of the undergraduate degree program in Textile Design and Fashion at the Universidad de Monterrey, will carry out a three-month study period in the atelier of Anne Valerie Hash, the renowned French designer.

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Photo by: Michelle Montoya

Alejandra Jaramillo

Sustainable Innovation and Energy Engineering Student

My name is Alejandra Jaramillo Cepeda and I am studying the Sustainable Innovation and Energy Engineering undergraduate degree program. I am currently in the fifth semester of the program and the further I progress into the curriculum, the more I realize that sustainability is indispensable in the current world.  This premise may not be so obvious to a lot of people, but sooner or later we all will have to agree and accept the fact that we do not have a planet with infinite resources.

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